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Top 5 tools every Linux server should have

We operate a LOT of servers. Over the years we’ve been forced to troubleshoot and interact with many different facets of systems. In the course of doing so, we’ve established a list of common tools we employ to make our […]

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Enabling automation with ISC DHCP and Puppet

We’re in the process of rearchitecting our automated server provisioning process. For this we’re using Razor, Puppet, The Puppetlabs module for DHCP and ISC DHCP server. Note: A pull request was submitted to allow for empty ranges in puppetlabs-dhcp […]

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Top 10 Steps to Developing a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan

1. Define Your Key Assets & Operations
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) efforts start with identification of key assets of your infrastructure and processes that are most important to keeping your business operational. Define the financial and operational impact of […]

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Preparing a keystore for vCloud Director 5.1 with your own SSL certificate

In order to install VMware’s vCloud Director, you need to prepare certificates for us with the application. I ran into some challenges in getting my custom certificate into the vCloud Director keystore so I wanted to share how I did […]

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HOWTO: Multiple | includes with Cisco IOS

I have found it quite useful in the past to use multiple includes when searching for information on Cisco devices. Recently, I noticed a customer who had a port down in a port-channel. I then wanted to know […]

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