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HOWTO: Use lshw to get more information about your hardware

How to use lshw to query your system’s hardware specifications. Continue reading

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HOWTO: Use shell scripting to be really lazy and impatient

If you’re as lazy and impatient as I am and you just dont want to hit the Up arrow and in infinite rapid succesion, use this shell script
while [ true ]; do mii-tool eth1; sleep 1; done

Oh yeah, hit […]

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HOWTO: Improve Email Workflow with Google Apps

Hello! If you’re like me, a scatterbrain, you frequently have thoughts pop in an out of your head and have a troubling time managing them. One solution that I’ve been able to concoct using a little bit of Google Apps […]

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SXSW Interactive Trade show – Booth 808 & 810

Come see us at the South by Southwest Interactive trade show.
Booths 808 & 810
Sneak peak of our setup there:

Come by and play plinko and get a chance to win a boxee tv or a beer coozie.

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